Pleasant with this, Limerick has to be on the table with Cork (1-1) on
Friday. In a passive role in the long run, he managed to score at 18
(1-0), scored the penalty equals at the 34th meeting (1-1) and suffered
unbearable pressure throughout the rest of the match, and the fairest
was to missed, retained goalie Clark, who was on a great night.,Second in the game, ignoring Limerick after the defeat of Derry (5-0
away), 2-2-2 in the record, in sixth place with eight points, in +3 of
the barrage and +7 from direct demo. She appears to be better off than
some of the groups class, and apart from a shocking surprise she will
not be in trouble with her stay in the class. He also has the second
worst defense of the category (15 goals). Were not injured Wereren
(Average, 5, 0), there are no particular racing problems.

On the other hand, Shamrock Rovers was the great winner of the Dublin
derby, dominating with a 1-0 strike from St Patricks. He had the control
of the fight from the beginning, it was the team that tried to play
football from the beginning, he created many good opportunities, but he
was unable to score goals. In the repeat he searched with more
persistence the goal of the victory, achieving it at 77 of the meeting

Returning to the winning results for Shamrock Rovers after Corks defeat
from Cork (1-0 away), he remained in fourth place with ten points, at -2
from the Triad, which is of course his primary goal , while at -3 from
Corks champion. It has the best attack so far with 14 goals active.
Doubtless Gilchrist (Defender, 5, 0), there are no further racing

玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(0.97) 2.5 小分(0.90)